We all wish Our Furry best friends would stay with us forever, but that is not the case, they grow old, and we start preparing ourselves for when, However the quality of life for your Dog when they are old is key and can influence how their final days turn out. Older Dogs need extra care and attention, and also their nutritional need and health requirements change as they Age no matter the Breed.

Some common health problems older dogs face are, Poor vision, bloody Gums, Oral problems, increased urination, Skin Problems, Some Bumps and Lumps, Arthritis, Some dogs loose weight as they get older and others gain weight with age depending on the breed. However Most Dogs have difficulty moving due to age and aching joints, not surprisingly some behavior problems may present itself in older dogs while at the same time suffering from kidney, liver or heart disease. 

The Best way to manage any of these health problem in your furry friend is most importantly schedule regular visits with your veterinary if you have an aging dog, these visits should be at least once every year, put him on a quality diet and ensure his food covers all the nutrients necessary to keep him healthy and also request for a full body conditions anytime you visit your Vet to ensure the right body weight or you could learn to do it at home.

To also help your aging Dog stay in tip top shape, give him regular exercise that will help with aching joints and muscles and will help in keeping his heart healthy, remember to design an exercise regime suited to your dog type, size and age.  Putting your Aging Dog on a special diet if he is suffering from certain diseases is key, if he has a heart condition a diet rich in Fish Oil and contains less saturated fats. Supplement with Glucosamine and Chondroitin are also beneficial to aging dogs and fatty acids like DHA and EPA can help manage Arthritis in Dogs.

Choosing a Specialized diet that is rich in Nutrients with less unhealthy fats is also important so that he can grow healthily while still allowing for weight loss. If you can afford it, provide your older dog with a special accommodation so that for those suffering from arthritis or joint aches they can easily move around especially in a soft bedding or a floor with carpets or rags. Keep an older more active and occupied by providing him enough toys to play with, and always ensure your dogs is well groomed all the time to prevent infestation from worms and ticks. Up to date vaccines can help prevent a lot of preventable diseases in your older dog.

Lastly pay attention and spend enough time with your Dog, that way you can monitor any changes in behavior, appetite, weight, skin, or gait and act accordingly with a visit to the Vet as soon as possible. Taking care of older dogs require a lot of care and commitment but the benefits for both you and him are countless when he is healthy and happy.


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