Quick and Easy Tips for Cleaning Up Dog Hair

Quick and Easy Tips for Cleaning Up Dog Hair
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We as animal lovers will have to accept the fact that getting rid of dog hair is a part of taking care of our dogs. It is a tough chore that we have to do especially during spring. This season is where most of our dog's thick hair shreds to replace it with a thinner coat. This is that time of the year where lint rollers or vacuum cleaners won't do the job.

No worries! Here are some tips to get rid of fur off your car seats.

1. Duct or Packing Tape

Using lint rollers are a waste for getting rid of dog fur particularly if the hairs are too many of it to clean up. All you have to do is wrap the tape around your hand sticky side up and remove dog hair as you would when using a lint roller. You can also wrap the tape sticky-side-out around a paint roller. Although packing tape is sticky, it leaves a residue on the cloth or leather seats. Duct tape works best in getting rid of dog hair as it is as sticky as a lint roller but is very durable.

2. Rubber Glove

The unique texture of the rubber gloves attracts dog hair like magnets. Yes, that rubber gloves you use to clean the toilet (use a new one of course!), can be used to get rid of dog hair in your car seats. What's even better is that when you are done, brush the hair off right into your trash bin.

3. Window Squeegee

If you have glass windows at home, you probably own a squeegee. Window squeegees also work in removing loose pet hair from your car seats. All you need to do is rub it along carpets and in a few swipes,  you have a pile of dog hair on your squeegee.

4. Balloon

A blown up balloon creates static electricity. The static electricity it creates attracts pet hair. All you have to do is take an inflated balloon and rub it all over your car seats to lift away dog hair.

5. Spray and Wipe

Mix a few teaspoons of fabric softener in water. spray your car seats with the mixture and wipe it off with a paper towel. The chemicals in the fabric softener can loosen the hair; thus, making it easier to remove. Leave your car seats to dry then vacuum the leftover hair.

How to Prevent Dog Hair in Car Seats?

Preventing the hair from spreading all over your car's interior is better than cleaning it. Save yourself from hours of cleaning by doing the following:

1. Brush the Coat

Brush your dog's coat every time you are planning on taking your dog out for a ride. This helps remove the excess hair that would otherwise be lodged into your car's seats and carpets.

2. Remove the Pet Hair after Each Trip

The best way to get rid of dog hair in your car's interior is to prevent it from accumulating. Once the dog hair has become matted to your carpet or seats, it becomes more difficult to remove. Give your car interior a thorough vacuum after each ride. Use a specialized tool to get rid of pet hair faster and more efficiently.

3. Cage Your Dog

Put your dog in a dog carrier to keep the dog hair contained in one area. If your dog is too big to fit in a carrier, you can restrict their movement with the use of a pet restraint.

Car Seat Covers

Save yourself from doing all the things mentioned below and just drive by investing in a high-quality car seat cover. Dog car seat covers act as a layer of protection to your car seats. To remove dog hair, all you need to do is remove the seat cover then clean it off. Some pet car seat covers can convert into a hammock that can act as a gating system to keep your dog from jumping from the rear and keeps pet hair from going to your carpet.

Plush Paws Products pet seat cover not just keep pet hair away from your seats, but protect it from whatever your dog throws at it. It is made from weatherproof and waterproof materials to ensure that no dog drools and water accidents seep through your car seats. It has an elastic and non-slip backing to make sure the seats stay in place. Not only that, but the padded and quilted polyester material also makes sure your dog is comfortable even on long rides.

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