For most of us when we think of our dogs, what may come in mind is cost of upkeep, veterinary bills, keeping them entertained and fit, as a matter of fact for most of us dogs just mean extra work and added responsibilities. Not all is lost though for dog owners, owning a dog has it's extra benefits apart from the physical knowledge in the pleasure of owning a dog.

One of the benefits of owning a furry companion is that they keep you fit, besides taking them for the occasional walks that keep you healthy, the daily responsibilities ensures that you are always on your feet, and on the go. They also also help to reduce stress in most stressful circumstances, dogs are social animals and just as our well being is dependent on social interactions so are dogs, by daily interactions with them they help take your mind of things, keep you calm and relaxed and help  stave off depression.

Apart from dogs providing companionship to man, they also offer us protection at no extra cost, most guard dogs are able to offer their owners protection from criminals or intruders in the homes and thereby keeping them safe. You are never bored or lazy when you have a furry companion and for older people with dogs as pets one of the ways in keeping fit and being full of vitality is having a dog. Having a dog in the home can also help teach kids to be responsible, kind and empathetic.

Having a dog has medical benefits too, it's been scientifically proven that some dogs can even detect cancer in humans, they can also actually tell when you have a low blood sugar and also help reduce your risk of contracting eczema. Dogs have also been found to help their owners who suffer seizures.  Owning a dog also has immunotherapy benefits and actually help children develop resistance to allergies, having a dog in the home helps to reduce allergies and allergy symptoms by up to 4 times, because they are fun to be around they also help you recover from illness quickly because they keep you from lying down and take your mind of the illness. Doctors have also reported how patients who own dogs and have survived heart attacks have lasted longer than those who don't own dogs.

Therapy dogs have also been found to help / assist children with special needs or learning disabilities, because of the comfort dogs provide they help the brain relax and release the cuddle hormone 'Oxytocin' which calms and sooth the nervous system, reducing stress and anxiety and increasing the ability to learn.

Dogs are fun, loving and the perfect companions next to man, their added benefit and the meaning they add to life can not be overlooked, if you were not convinced before maybe this will, don't miss out on your chance of a meaningful life of life with a dog, get a dog now.


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