Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Dog Car Seat Protection

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Dog Car Seat Protection

Dog car seat protection is more essential than you think, and once you try it out, it will be a game-changer you can’t go without. 

If you’re like most dog parents, you love taking out your adventurous pup on road trips—both long and short. When we say “road trips,” we’re also referring to trips to the dog park, grocery store, hiking, and other hot spots. With the rise of pet-friendly places, such as small shops, hotels, and even coffee shops, it’s no wonder we want to take our fur baby with us everywhere! And we can and should! 

However, with this much great freedom comes responsibility. Although we love our furry best friends, there’s denying they’re a handful. While you’re driving, your dog may be drooling, scratching your car seats’ fine leather, and leaving stray hairs all over the place (and we know how hard to remove those are!). Additionally, there’s always that possibility of your pup getting an upset stomach and causing an accident. 

We love our dogs, so we certainly don’t want to leave them behind when we go on fun runs. Luckily, there’s a solution: dog car seat covers. They’re easy to install, faster to clean than your car’s upholstery, and can even provide extra storage. 

Keep reading to find out how these car seat covers can protect your investment and sanity in today’s blog. 

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Dog Car Seat Protection

Should I Get a Dog Car Seat for My Dog?

As dog lovers, we understand why people love dog car seats, AKA booster seats; however, we don’t necessarily think they should be the standard for dog safety. All pet parents can agree that their dog’s safety is a main priority, and many of them end up buying a costly booster seat, thinking it will keep their precious pup safe. While dog car seats can be effective, they can also be cumbersome. Let’s discuss how they work. 

How Do Dog Car Seats Work?

Similar to a seat belt, some boosters thoughtfully include a tether that you can clip to your dog’s harness. This is a significant improvement over seats that don’t include a tether at all, which can be a safety hazard in the event of an accident. While we’re a fan of the inclusion of tether straps, they’re not the most practical. Let’s be real: most dogs barely like wearing clothes, so imagine how uncooperative they’ll be when you try putting a harness on them frequently? Most people are going to ignore using the tether. 

How Can I Keep My Dog Safe in the Car?

As you can see, dog car seats aren’t the most practical. You’re better off investing in a dog car seat cover, such as this one that comes with a detachable hammock. The hammock is an excellent dog car seat protection option for older dogs who just want to rest all the time (while still tagging along, of course!). It protects them from falling off the seat and keeps them from climbing up to the front. Sadly, you know that as a driver, accidents can happen at a moment’s notice. A hammock can protect your dog in the event that you’re involved in a car accident. Rest assured knowing you’re protecting your fur baby each time you’re on the road!

How Can I Make My Dog More Comfortable in the Car?

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Dog Car Seat Protection


Next to your dog’s safety, comfort is the second most important factor when your pup is joining you on your adventures. By investing in high-quality, velvet car seat covers, your pup will always ride in comfort and luxury. They won’t even want to leave your car once they begin to relax on them! These ultra-premium velvet pet seat covers are perfect for cars of all sizes, including trucks and SUVs. We guarantee your dog will love stretching all over this car seat cover as you drive. Best of all, they’re 100% waterproof, breathable, and are equipped with a non-slip silicone backing with three seat anchors that won’t budge! 

Did we mention that these car seat covers contain four layers of generous padding for comfort, durability, luxury, and longevity? Our pet seat covers will provide your ride with a rich feel, keeping it pristine and dog-friendly for years to come. 

Here are five reasons why Plush Paws Products’s dog seat covers are the best option for your pooch. 


1. Hair Free Means Care Free!

That’s right—say goodbye to stray dog hairs when you invest in our high-quality back seat dog cover! As much as you love petting your pup’s soft fur, there’s no denying that it gets everywhere. And when that happens, it’s virtually impossible to remove all of it, even if you use the best lint roller. Now you can simply throw