Top 8 Ways to Get Rid Of Dog Hair in Car Seats

Top 8 Ways to Get Rid Of Dog Hair in Car Seats
As dog owners we love to bring our furry friend wherever we go. They are a part of our family that is why we bring them whenever we are on at trip. Dogs love to be in the car too. It brings them so much joy when they are out on a trip. However, getting dog hair out of the car is a difficult, if not gruesome task. Sure vacuuming may be the most obvious solution, but there are some areas where it can miss - leaving a lot of small hairs behind.

so here are some ways you can get rid of dog hairs on car seats for good.


Remember that science experiment where our hairs float via a static cling? This can work on dog hairs too! Simply rub the balloon on the target surface. Watch as the hair sticks to the surface of the balloon the moment it developed a static cling. This is a simple and easy method but if you have plenty of area to work around, better have a lot of balloons ready as using a new one is a lot easier than getting hairs off the balloon.

Rubber Kitchen Glove


Rubber kitchen gloves are the easiest and cheapest way to get rid of dog hair in your car seat. All you need is a pair of rubber gloves then dip them in water to make them wet. Once wet, rub the interior car surfaces in one direction. This then will form the hair into large clumps that you can easily pick up or vacuum. You can also mist the car seat lightly with water then sweep it with your gloved hands.

Brush Your Dog Before Driving

Giving your hair a good brush before they go into the car removes loose hairs that would end up in your car's upholstery. Sure it can take some time but getting them off in the car is a lot of hard work too. Remember to use the correct type of brush for your dog's hair type so you can collect as much hair as possible.

Packing Tape or Duct Tape

Or any wide tape will work. However, make sure that it is strong enough that it won't tear and sticky enough to get as many hairs as possible. A duct tape works best in this situation. Simply roll a tape around your hand with the sticky side out. Press it against the seat to lift the pet hair away.

Vacuum with Pet Hair Attachment

Earlier I said that vacuuming won't be that effective; but it will be if you use the right attachment to get it done. While a regular hose or brush can pick up hair it will take a lot of time as it isn't the right tool for the job. Use a pet hair attachment or a brush attachment with rubber bristles.

Lint Roller

Relatively inexpensive and easy to use. These handy rollers can get rid of dog hair in a pinch. The downside is it will take a while as they can take up a small area of it at a time.

Harness or Crate

Harnessing or crating your pets will not get rid of pet hairs for good, but will just minimize the area. It's also a great idea as it keeps your dog safe as you travel.

No Dogs In Car

If all else fails then this may be the best solution. If your dog sheds a lot of its hair or if it's hair type is hard to get rid of then this might be the solution if dog hair on seats really bothers you. It may feel like leaving a family member behind, so be emotionally ready for it.

Car Seat Cover

Car seat cover is like an external barrier to your car seats. What is great about this is that getting rid of pet hair is as simple as taking off the seat cover itself. Most car seat covers are waterproof too, so any water accidents prevents it from sipping inside your car seats. This is by far the best method to get rid of dog hairs for good. You won't be leaving a family behind and cleaning is almost effortless.

Depending on your dog and how much hair it sheds, you may need to try out various techniques to get rid of it completely. What works for someone else may not work for you, but hopefully these methods can keep your car hair free.

Anything we missed? Share us any tips that other dog owners should know by leaving a comment below.


Cover Photo by from Pexels

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