What Are the Ten Most Popular Dog Breeds?

What Are the Ten Most Popular Dog Breeds?

The American Kennel Club put out their annual list of who made the top ten list for dog breeds in 2019. Did your fur baby make the list? Keep reading to see which ones did make the list and why.

Most Popular Dog Breeds

For the last number of years, Labrador Retrievers had topped the list of most popular dog breeds, along with German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, French Bulldogs, Bulldogs, Beagles, Poodles, Rottweilers, German Shorthaired Pointers, and Yorkshire Terriers.

What Are the Ten Most Popular Dog Breeds?

Discover more about these fascinating and popular dogs and why they made the list.

Information of the Top Ten Dog Breeds

Dog lovers, listen up. Now that you know the top ten most popular dog breeds for 2019, if you’re thinking of getting a dog, continue reading about these breeds and why they were chosen.

  1. Labs - These friendly and active doggos have been #1 an impressive and consecutive 28 years running. Labs are the ultimate man’ s/women’s best friend, always wanting to be with his pack. They personify versatility with their characteristics that include hunting and showing their prey, dock diving, being with family, tracking, and obedience. As an American favorite, you can’t go wrong with this boopable breed.
  2. German Shepherds - If you just look into their gorgeous eyes, you’re smitten. These trusted companions are quite the protective breed and are a big reason why they work as police and service dogs. They’re very loyal to their caretakers. They also have incredible sniffers, like most dogs, and can sniff out practically anything, thus why they’re used for sniffing out drugs. You feel most protected with a German Shepherd.
  3. Golden Retrievers - If you’re looking for an intelligent dog breed, look no further than a Golden Retriever. These friendly and super intelligent dogs were made famous by Full House, Homeward Bound, and Bud. They love to play and are easier to train than other breeds. They’re also great hunting dogs for retrieving waterfowl, undamaged, including ducks and upland game birds, due to their soft mouths.
  4. French Bulldogs - With a big personality on such a small Frenchie, it’s no wonder they made the list. These dogs hail from England and local ratters in Paris, France, and require minimal exercise, which is why they are the top choice for large cities, such as New York, Miami, and San Francisco. They have an easy-going temperament, are affectionate, lively, patient, and sociable. 
  5. Bulldogs - Popular with presidents Calvin Coolidge and Warren Harding, these dog breeds are courageous and dignified pooches. These dogs come from England and are a muscular, hefty dog, despite their small stature. Bulldog pups are adorable with their smooshed in faces and make for a good family pet. They are pretty docile but wilful and gregarious and, of course, make great mascot dogs.
  6. Beagles - Their beautiful coloring and cheerful personality is a favorite of families with young kids. They are curious and sniff everything, often getting them into trouble. The breed of a small hound, Beagles, are excellent hunting dogs because their sniffer will detect any smell and is why they’re preferred for hunting hare. Besides being intelligent, they are excitable but gentle and determined dogs.
  7. Poodles - An extremely intelligent breed, Poodles come in standard, miniature, and toy size varieties. This type of breed is popular in dog shows and displays some interesting haircuts. It’s not clear exactly where Poodles originate from, but it’s most likely either Germany as a type of water dog or from the French Barbet. Aside from being intelligent, Poodles are alert and active, as well as faithful and trainable.
  8. Rottweilers - For all their controversial overly-protective demeanor, Rottweilers are loving and loyal companions to their owners. As German dogs, they herded livestock and pulled carts laden with butchered meat to the market. They can be medium-large-to-large or large in stature and quite heavy. With a fearless, but devoted temperament, they make a great companion.
  9. German Shorthaired Pointers - These dogs are great field dogs that love hunting. Their intelligence and keen sense of smell root out the most hidden game. They also came from Germany and were bred specifically to be hunting dogs. They have a very boisterous personality, coupled with an affectionate and cooperative demeanor, and they are trainable so that they would make for great family pets.
  10. Yorkshire Terriers - Last, but certainly not least, Yorkies are adorable whippersnappers who became quite the fashionable pet from the Victorian era. They began with catching vermins in clothing mills and now make a perfect companion for young and old alike. They are a small breed, weighing the maximum of seven pounds, light enough for a child or older person to carry. They are a courageous and confident breed.

What Makes Labs and German Shepherds so Popular?

Now that you’ve read a brief snippet of the top ten most popular dog breeds, you may be asking why Labs and German Shepherds are so popular. Longtime breeders may have an answer for you. These breeders believe Lab’s versatility, friendliness, trainability, temperament, and athleticism make them very likable and the type of qualities pet owners are looking for, not to mention breeders. Even though these breeds are highly popular with the American family, they’ve never won a Best in Show in the Triple Crown of dog shows (Westminster, The National Dog Show, and The AKC National Championship).

German Shepherds have been in the top three of the most popular dog breeds since the turn of the century, along with the Golden Retriever. Shepherds made the list mostly due to their loyalty, courage, trainability, confidence, and willingness to protect their pack as no other breed does. When the 9/11 terror attacks occurred, it was these breeds working as search-and-rescue dogs that went through the rubble looking for survivors and human remains. The German Shepherd, Apollo, won the AKC Humane Fund Award for Canine Excellence (ACE). 

Labs Are Great Dogs

Before Buying a Dog

Choosing a pet is a huge decision and depends on many factors: homelife, allergies, care, shedding, financial issues, temperament, family, and more. It’s essential to research the breeds that work best for you and your family. Remember, dogs are sociable, for the most part. They need stimulation and plenty of interaction with humans and other dogs.

Check their pedigree and ensure you can take care of them so that they can enjoy a fulfilling life. If you’re going to be gone all day, you may want a dog that doesn’t have a problem being home alone and has a doggy door for them to relieve themselves and explore in a safe, fenced yard. Also, if you have a family, ensure the breed is suitable for kids. Some breeds don’t have the patience for small children yanking on their tail or pulling their ears, so be aware of which breeds may bite.

Another important factor to consider is that of stress and anxiety. Some breeds have a very anxious temperament and may be afraid of being alone. They may also startle easily or be fearful of fireworks, thunder, wind, or other loud noises. If this is an issue, it could cause problems with their mental state. Also, if they’re bored, they can bother neighbors with their incessant barking or howling, or they will find ways to entertain themselves with a favorite pair of shoes or pillows. 

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