What Dog Breeds Have the Best Temperament?

What Dog Breeds Have the Best Temperament?

When it comes to choosing from different dog breeds, it’s important to take your personal preferences into consideration. 

Whether you’re looking for a large dog, a dog that doesn’t shed, or a dog that gets along well with children, one attribute that most people are looking for in their new furry friend is a good temperament. 

So what are the most good natured dog breeds out there? What dog breeds should be at the top of your list when you’re looking for a furry companion that will be sweet, kind, and good-natured? Take a look at some of our favorites!


Basset Hound

Basset hounds are a classic choice when it comes to good natured family dogs. They’re well known for being easygoing and extremely friendly, making them a great option for a family with young children. Basset hounds are naturally drawn to people and are extremely easy to love. Keep in mind that, while they have a good temperament, they can be stubborn at times, making them difficult to train. However, their overall sweet demeanor certainly makes up for it!

What Dog Breeds Have The Best Temperament?

Golden Retriever

How many family movies can you name that have a golden retriever in it? The golden retriever is one of the most popular and sought-after dog breeds in the United States, and for good reason. Not only do they have a good demeanor, but they’re extremely smart, making them fairly easy to train. If you have little ones in the house, you’ll find that a golden retriever makes for a very cuddly and kind companion.


Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese mountain dogs, one of the larger breeds on our lists, are famous for how affectionate they are. These gentle giants are considered one of the least aggressive dog breeds out there, are incredibly good with children, and are always ready to play and have a good time. You may find that a bernese mountain dog can be high maintenance in their need for constant grooming and their desire for attention, so be ready to play a lot of catch if you go with this breed.


Irish Wolfhound

If you have other dogs or even cats in your house and you’re looking for a dog breed that will get along well with them, an Irsh Wolfhound is a great way to go. They’re well known for being very gentle with people, and with proper training and a good amount of socialization, they get along great with other animals. Another larger dog breed, don’t let their size scare you off! Irsh Wolfhounds are incredibly sweet and have an agreeable temperament.



Pugs are perhaps one of the cutest breeds out there, and on top of being absolutely adorable, they also check off all the boxes when it comes to well-mannered dogs. They love play time and are very sweet, making them a great option for children. They’re also known for being smart, and pick up on things pretty quickly. This makes it significantly easier to train them, and you can even throw in some fun tricks here and there. Pugs are very trusting and will truly love you forever.

Clumber Spaniel

Looking for a dog that’s super soft and super sweet? Clumber Spaniels are a medium to large size breed, have an unbelievably soft sheen of fur, and have a great temperament. They’re a good option for individuals or families with young children, or perhaps if this is your first furry friend to join the family. Keep in mind that clumber spaniels are very intelligent, but can also be pretty stubborn at times!


Boston Terrier

Many people assume that, if a dog is small, it will lean more toward the loud and obnoxious end of the spectrum. This couldn’t be farther from the truth for Boston Terriers! Small in size and full of energy, these dogs are always ready to play. They’re very sweet, and make a wonderful pet for families and single individuals alike. If you’re looking for a smaller dog breed that is well mannered and sweet, Boston Terriers are the dogs for you.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Perhaps one of the most beautiful dog breeds, cavalier king charles spaniels are well known for having a kind temperament. They are easy to train and are eager to please and interact with people. This also makes them a wonderful family dog! You’ll want to be sure to keep a stash of dog toys nearby for playtime, because a cavalier king charles spaniel will always be ready for a game of fetch or a fun tug of war.



Beagles are certainly one of the more diverse dogs on our list of breeds with good temperaments. On the one hand, they’re incredibly well-mannered and always ready to play. On the other hand, beagles are also well-known for being good hunting dogs. On top of that, they have a good level of independence while also being very affectionate to the humans in their life. All around, beagles are a fantastic breed!


French Bulldog

One of the more classic dog breeds, and one that is very sought after, we had to include french bulldogs on our list of dogs with good temperaments. They’re naturally great companions that thrive off of spending time with people, and when properly trained, it only gets better. Keep in mind that french bulldogs can become a bit territorial, and while this can certainly have its advantages, it’s something that should be noted when looking for the ideal dog breed for your home and situation.


Saint Bernard

If you’re a fan of bigger dog breeds but you’re wanting a furry companion that requires a little less maintenance, a Saint Bernard is a great option for you. Great with people and incredibly gentle, this breed has a wonderful temperament while also requiring less playtime and exercise. You’ll get a big, warm cuddle buddy that loves you just as much as you love them.

Tibetin Spaniel

Another small dog breed on our list, tibetin spaniels are a wonderful option for anyone looking for a dog with a good temperament. Small, cuddly, and affectionate, a tibetin spaniel will be loyal to and love you forever. They make for good family dogs, but keep in mind that they may not be well suited for families with younger children. Because they’re so small, they can become injured more easily during playtime. If your children are older and can understand the best way to play with a tibetin spaniel, by all means, add this to your list of great dog breeds to consider.



Collies are often acknowledged for their keen ability to watch and protect the people they love, and this can bring with it the false impression that they’re aggressive overall. In reality, collies are very kind, good-tempered dogs, and for the most part, are not aggressive at all. With a sweet and mature demeanor, as well as the ability to be easily trained by their owners, you’ll find that collies are a wonderful option for someone looking for a dog breed with a naturally good temperament. 


Great Dane

Great danes are perhaps the definition of a gentle giant. Don’t let their intimidating size fool you! These dogs are good-natured and naturally drawn to people. They’re very playful and are always up for playtime, so if you’re looking for a fun companion, great danes are for you. Keep in mind that great danes have their aggressive side – when it comes to interacting with other dogs and protecting their home and their humans, they can get a bit territorial. 



While they’re not as well known as some of the other dog breeds that made our list of well-tempered dogs, vizslas are certainly a breed that you should consider for your next pet. Lively and playful while also being very affectionate and even-tempered, a vizsla is a wonderful option for someone looking for a dog that will remain loyal for years to come. When trained correctly, you’ll find that a vizsla will remain well-behaved and friendly, no matter the circumstance they find themselves in.


Finding the Right Dog

Considering what different dog breeds there are that will meet your personal needs and preferences is a great place to start when looking for a new dog. Once you’ve found your new companion and brought them home, you’ll also want to make sure you're ready with all of the best equipment for you and your new furry friend, both in the comfort of your home and when you embark on adventures together. 

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