What Kinds of People Food Can Goldendoodles Eat?

What Kinds of People Food Can Goldendoodles Eat?

It’s pretty natural for owners to wonder what will happen if their Goldendoodles eat people food. Caution is merited because dogs can’t always eat the same food as humans.

Dogs have slightly different systems that make certain foods toxic. From an evolutionary standpoint, dogs evolved to eat the lean meats of wild animals. Some foods we eat aren’t meant for dogs and can cause vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, and other severe consequences.

To watch out for your pooch, make sure you feed them the kind of food they can stomach!

Can All Dogs Eat the Same Foods?

The differences between dog breeds don’t seem to concern too many dog owners. How often have you heard that a lab can have peanut butter but a poodle can’t?

You don’t!

This is because domesticated dogs are all part of the same species.

Typically, crossbred animals can’t produce offspring that can produce themselves. A typical example of this is the mule. This offspring of a donkey and horse can’t have offspring of its own because the genetics between horses and donkeys don't mesh well together.

However, their genetics work well together to create a more robust, more intelligent, and more docile animal than an animal of comparable size to either species.

Most cross-species animals cannot continue breeding. Yet, it seems we can cross breed domesticated dogs as much as we want without worrying about genetic issues. So, in theory, almost any type of domestic dog can mate and provide breedable offspring.

Most dogs can breed with each other because domesticated dogs all trace back to the same ancestors. When humans started domesticating wolves, they would breed wolves of different attributes. After thousands of years, dog breeding has resulted in the variety of breeds we know today.

With their genetics being so similar, dogs can generally stick to a similar diet. What is suitable for one breed is typically good for them all.

Human Foods Good for Dogs and Goldendoodles


This little orange vegetable is not just one of the healthiest snacks for humans; it is also a good source of nutrients for your dogs. Carrots are rich in vitamins that support immune health, from preventing sickness to recovering from physical wounds.

The texture and consistency of carrots help remove plaque from your dog’s teeth naturally; this is a necessary step in reducing your dog’s chance of cavities and infections.


Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, blueberries are an excellent food for your dogs to eat.

Antioxidants aren’t critical to everyday bodily functions but can decrease the number of free radicals — elements with unpaired electrons — from damaging your cells. The reduction of free radicals can help reduce the effects of aging for both you and your dog!


Bird embryos require an abundance of amino acids, proteins, calcium, and trace elements of other minerals and vitamins to support the growth of an embryo into a complete animal. These same proteins, fats, acids, and minerals are necessary for maintaining all creatures' physical health.

Giving your dog some cooked eggs can provide it with an abundance of needed nutrients to support overall bodily functions.

Dogs can eat eggs raw, which can be better for them as you lose many of the egg’s nutritional aspects when you cook them. However, be prudent about how much raw egg you allow your pup to have.

Dogs given too many raw eggs to eat may start to have irritated bowels. Raw eggs can cause a deficiency in biotin, a vitamin necessary for helping the body break down food.

Alternating between cooked and raw eggs should provide the supplements your dog needs while avoiding any uncomfortable side effects.


The healthy fats and oils found in fish are great for dogs, both internally and externally.

The oils and fats in fish support good immune health. The anti-inflammatory properties in fish meat can reduce arthritic inflammation and support good brain health.

Fish meat is also high in protein, a significant energy source for dogs.


Yogurt, particularly protein and probiotic-rich Greek yogurt, is an excellent food to feed your dogs. Dogs can sometimes suffer from probiotic deficiencies, just like humans can.

Greek yogurt provides dogs and humans alike with healthy doses of probiotics in each serving. The calcium and protein found abundantly in Greek yogurt support muscle development and bone strength alike.

Dogs suffering from bad stomach bouts and diarrhea could find some relief from their symptoms due to the health benefits of Greek yogurt.


Rice is great for dogs with an upset stomach. This grain is fast to prepare and is perfect for a dog’s sensitive digestive system.

In the digestive tract, the fiber in rice can help push out food that has been causing your dog problems. There are also complex carbs in rice that take longer for your dog’s body to take up. This leaves your dog feeling fuller longer; feeding dogs rice is an excellent food to feed your dog if you are worried about your dog’s weight.

Brown rice is also rich in iron, a necessary element in blood production. Red meats are also a good source of iron but are often too fatty to be considered a healthy mineral source.

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