5 Reasons Why Dog Parks Benefit Both Dogs and Humans

5 Reasons Why Dog Parks Benefit Both Dogs and Humans

Many people see dog parks as a fun place for a dog to run and play off-leash, but did you know they’re also beneficial to humans?

That’s right—although we’re not dogs, we also have a place at the local dog park! If you take out your fur baby for a walk every day because they need exercise, it can eventually feel like a mundane hassle. However, if you take them on a walk because exercise is healthy for both you and your dog, it may become an enjoyable part of your daily routine. After all, no dog likes being cooped up indoors without access to fresh air. 

In today’s blog, we’ll discuss ways in which these dog-friendly parks are excellent resources for our four-legged friends. 

What’s the Big Deal About Dog Parks?

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve probably seen at least one dog park in your city. In recent years, these parks have exploded in popularity. Some communities even use them as a selling point in apartment and house listings. But why do they matter so much? Doesn’t walking your dog around the street provide the same stimulation? 

Not quite. For pet parents with active dog breeds, such as the Corgi, Shetland Sheepdog, and Dalmation, a casual stroll may not be enough to release their pent up energy. Since dog parks are fenced in, your fluffy friend will have the opportunity to run faster and play harder with the other pups in the park. 

Moreover, not only can these parks tire your dog out, which is a good thing come night time, but they can also help them behave better. You may not know this, but one of the main reasons why some dogs display behavioral issues is because they aren’t getting enough exercise. Think about a hyper child trapped at home on a rainy day. The child will run around in circles, jump on their bed, and scream and shout until they’re exhausted. 

What’s the Big Deal About Dog Parks?


Your dog, much like a child, is a ball of energy waiting to be released; if they can’t release their energy through exercise, they’ll find another way to do it. Expect constant barking, torn-up couches, and bite marks on your shoes. However, when your pup meets other pups, they’ll learn that it’s ok to play with new friends—but not with your new pair of shoes!

Continue reading to learn about the five perks of visiting a dog park, both for dogs and humans. 

Top 5 Reasons Why Dog Parks are Important for Dogs and Humans


1. Get Fresh Air

Although some dog-friendly parks are indoors (which is perfect for the winter), most of them are outdoors. Every living organism needs fresh air, as it can purify our blood, calm our nerves, stimulate our appetites, rid our bodies of impurities, and help our cell metabolism. Furthermore, dogs are just that… dogs! They need to run around, dig, chew, and play outside! Besides, doesn’t the breeze feel rewarding after a long day at work? 


2. Socialize

If your dog is friendly, they’ll want to socialize with other pooches. However, some dogs are shyer than others, and they may hide behind a bush when you take them out on walks around the block. Going to a dog park is one of the best ways to get them used to other people and dogs. However, if you notice your dog isn’t warming up to others, you shouldn’t force them to do something they’re uncomfortable with. Every time you take your shy pup out to the park, gauge their reaction; if they’re still afraid, it’s best to only take them when there’s little to no people, usually in the early morning or late at night. 

Top 5 Reasons Why Dog Parks are Important for Dogs and Humans

3. Enjoy Amenities

The best dog-friendly parks offer amenities for pups and humans alike. For example, many of them are now equipped with agility courses, which come with hoops for dogs to jump through, tunnels for them to crawl through, and weave posts. Most of these parks also have benches in the shade, so you can rest while you monitor your dog. Some of them even come with vending machines that come with snacks for both humans and dogs! Isn’t that cool?


4. Take a Break

We spend most of our days indoors, either by going to work or resting at home after work; the same goes for your dog (except they don’t go to work). Taking a break after working hard is always beneficial, especially if you’re having some fun in the sun. Letting your dog run free will keep them happy and healthy, and you can also reap the same benefits if you join them. Not only that, but going to a dog park gives you and your pup a break from retracing the same steps in your neighborhood every day. Change is good. 


5. Watch Your Pet Have Fun

Perhaps the greatest advantage to going to the dog park is the simple joy of seeing your best friend have a blast. It’s as simple as that. Additionally, it can also make for some quality bonding time, which we need to provide our pets with so that they don’t grow lonely. 

Top 5 Reasons Why Dog Parks are Important for Dogs and Humans

Will My Dog Mind the Car Ride?

Before you em(bark) on your dog park adventure with your furry friend, you need to ensure they’re riding comfortably on the road. If you don’t live within walking distance to a park, you may have to drive your pooch over, and they may become anxious in your car. To ensure that your furry friend isn’t constantly trembling, provide them with dog toys, snacks, and comfortable pet seat covers. You’ll be at the dog park before your dog knows it!

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