PETA Joins Anti-Pitbull Coalition

PETA Joins Anti-Pitbull Coalition

PETA Joins Anti-Pitbull Coalition

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, an animal rights activist group has officially joined the coalition banning pitbulls throughout the entire United States. A surprising move from PETA since PETA is an animal loving organization.


PETA Loved Pitbulls

Back in 2009, PETA put out a post on their website that they love and support the breed. They even pointed out how these dogs are villanized and how these dogs are often signed out by legislators because of the news about these dogs attacking humands and other dog. The post further explaind that pitbulls were often victims of abuse themselves and the organization aims to protect them.

So what happened?


PETA Joining the Coalition

PETA joining the coalition seems strange as both have different views, different theories, and different goals. In fact, these anti-pitbull group are clear about their statement that these animals should be killed for the protection of society. They also seek to erradicate other breed of dogs if it is considered a danger to the society.


PETA's Explanation

PETA explained that they joined the coalition to help pitbulls, but there is little evidence that explains how the alliance could be useful. However, PETA is clear that they are against the breeding of these dogs/ Breed-specific legislation to protect pitbulls from being born is against everything that PETA is fighting for.

PETA will be posting an educational video meant to explain why they have joined forces with the anti-pitbull coalition. 

While we're waiting for that, people have already responded to PETA's decision. Here's some of these responses.

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