Creative Cone Of Shames That Will Make Your Dog Hate You More

Once was called the Elizabethan Collar, now dubbed as the Cone of Shame - these cones were made to prevent dogs and cats from licking their injured body parts. Pets usually hate wearing these collar (thus the cone of shame) and some users have gotten into letting their pets hate them more.

Designing the cone isn't that bad. In fact, it could be a perfect Halloween costume for those last minute moments. Although it won't help to ease their pain and discomfort, at least they won't look as ashamed or as grumpy as they were before.

Here are five funny, yet creative cone of shames:

The Flower

the flower cone of shame

The Death Star

death star cone of shame

Like a Sir!

like a sir cone of shame

Modern Art Cone

creative cone cone of shame

Christmas Cone

christmas cone of shame

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