Man Builds a Kayak for His Dogs

Man Builds a Kayak for His Dogs
Retired Orthopedic Surgeon, David Bahnson has figured out a way to enjoy his hobby with his pets. He does this by building a kayak designed for his dogs. Now water adventure can be so much fun with his pets going with him.
Man Builds a Kayak for His Dogs

Branson's initial idea was to build a dog boat seing how his first dog, Susie can fit inside the baggage compartment when the kayak cover was of. Seing that his dog could fit, he then installed a ring around the opening to make his pet feel comfortable during their adventures.

Later on, his wife and Susie were joined by another dog named Ginger. Not wanting for his new pet to be left alone while they go out on an adventure, he added another slot for Ginger.

"They are trained to get to the kayaks on command. They sit down and off we go. When we come ashore, they'll stay until I tell them it's OK to get out." Branson said. "We've seen other people kayaking with dogs and usually have in cockpit with them", he added. "It's kind of awkward, so this worked out better."

He also added that a dedicated space allow his dogs to enjoy the ride better.

Unfortunately, Susie and Ginger have both passed away but the tradition continues with their family's new pets.

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