Dogs make our lives meaningful and are  Delightful companions when you find One you click with, However Dog parents know that most dogs if not all are an additional responsibility both financially and emotionally and they need a great deal of time and attention. Two simple things, but if you don't have them then you have to reconsider your decision and wait for the perfect time to get one. However for those who have considered all these and are ready to get one or Bring one Home, have a list of things you will need and write them down, but don't forget to factor in Extra Cost, Because according to a recent study By ASPCA, the annual cost of Care for a Small Dog is Somewhere around $420, Cost of Care for A Medium Size Dog is also Between $620, and A large Dog Cost's an Average of $780.

You Should also be well informed about any Dog You Bring Home, to have it Spayed or Neutered, that way they live much longer and Healthier. Making time to  Start training Your new Friend as soon as you bring them home is Crucial, and remember every breed has different training and nutritional needs so keep this in mind when getting their foods ready.

Don't forget to keep your furry friend's nails and Hair well groomed, their nails though should just about touch the ground, their teeth should be brushed daily and routinely checked.  Bathing them at least once every three months will also help keep them in optimum health. A few safe chew toys may come in handy and are also helpful in improving dental health. Be on the safer side and watch out for certain household detergents that can be extremely dangerous to your Dog, and keep foods like Onions, Grapes, Chocolate, garlic and Avocados away from your Dog.

Fleas, Ticks ,Mosquitoes, Botflies are a few of the bugs you should always examine your Dog for and try as much as possible to keep them from areas or places that easily breed theses bugs, especially in the summer. Have your new friend properly vaccinated by a certified Veterinarian possibly within the first week of bringing him home if he has not been vaccinated already. Making sure where he plays and sleeps is safe and comfortable should be on your priority list, and most importantly remember that without your Love, dedication and Attention all these are secondary.

You can now go on and Enjoy your furry friend! 




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