Easiest Tricks to Teach Dogs

Easiest Tricks to Teach Dogs


If you are the proud owner of a new dog, congratulations! One of the first things you may think about doing is training your dog to resist distractions, so he doesn’t run into the street, as well as training him to not do things like go to the bathroom in the house, or jump on visitors and knock them over. There are several different methods for training your dog, all with different reasonings behind them. 

One of the most exciting parts of getting a new pup is teaching them some funny dog tricks. Some beginners may think that teaching your dog funny dog tricks is just for amusement, and is a waste of time—but that’s not true! Teaching your dog easy tricks can improve their behavior and obedience. You can prevent unwanted behaviors by teaching your dog to follow directions—for example, to only give a kiss on command. Some people don’t want their dog to bark, and this behavior might be improved by teaching him or her to bark on command. 

For beginners who have never had a pet before, getting a dog is a little bit like having a new baby. You need to puppy-proof everything! Even some older dogs can damage your furniture or car, even if by accident. If their claws are too long, they can get caught on things. Taking extra preventative measures to protect your house or car from damage is especially important in the winter, because, as dog owners know, dogs love to play outside, then run back into the house or car, and roll all over the place. Beginners might have a bad experience in which their new dog ruins their car, but experienced dog owners know that it is best to keep your car seats covered. You can make things easier for yourself by getting car seat covers to protect your car from damage. Depending what type of car you have, you might need co-pilot seat covers

Let’s take a look at some of the easiest tricks to teach dogs. We’ll start with some of the simpler dog tricks that are perfect for getting started, if you’re just beginning to train your dog.  

Easiest Tricks to Teach Dogs Plush Paws Products

Easiest Tricks to Teach Dogs

All of us started as beginners when it comes to training dogs, so remember that it can take time. Not all dogs are the same, and some may take longer to train than others. It’s not easy, but training a dog is all about repetition. The first thing you need to do when planning to train your dog is get a bag of treats, because when it comes to training, it is all about treats, treats, treats!


Before we can move on to the funny dog tricks, the first easy dog trick we’ll discuss is “sit,” because in order to get your dog’s attention to teach him more advanced tricks, he must first be able to sit still and pay attention to you. Plus, learning how to sit will help him in other areas of his training, like learning things he shouldn’t do in the car

Sit or stand in front of your dog, holding a treat or a piece of dog food. When he sits down, encourage him by saying “yes,” or “good dog” enthusiastically. 

Move to a different spot, and wait for him to come over and sit. As soon as he sits down, give him another treat. After a few times of this, begin saying “sit” everytime he is about to sit, and then encourage him by saying “yes.” After this, you can begin commanding him to sit, and give him a treat and praise him when he follows the direction. 

Shake Hands 

Now that your dog has the “sit” command down, he is ready to learn how to shake hands. You can start by sitting in front of your dog and holding out your hand palm, low to the ground near his knee. Allow your dog to lick and sniff your hand. If your dog lifts his paw, encourage him saying “yes,” and “good dog.” Give him a treat. You can wait until your dog lifts his paw to your hand, and reward him. 

If your dog does not lift his paw, you can try doing it for him and then praising him enthusiastically, and rewarding him with a treat. Before you know it, your dog will be shaking hands on command. 

Roll Over 

Another one of the easiest tricks to teach a dog is “roll over.” Even though this is a simple one, it may take a few steps. 

First, you need to get your dog to lie down on his stomach. Once your dog is down, lift a treat near the side of his head, then move it further towards his shoulder. He should roll on one side. If he does, praise him and give him a treat. 

Next, you want him to roll onto his back. Once he rolls onto his side, continue moving the treat in the direction that you want him to roll until he rolls completely onto his back. Once you get your dog to roll onto his back, try moving the treat the other way, to get him to roll in both directions. When he follows the two steps, reward him with a treat and verbal praise. 

This might be difficult for some of our canine friends. Not every dog is the same, so a number of these easy dog tricks for beginners might not be that easy for every dog. Once your dog performs the whole trick, begin using the verbal command for “roll over” every time he does it, and reward him with a treat until he rolls over more consistently.

Remember that, no matter what trick you are teaching your dog, positive reinforcement is important. Avoid reprimanding your dog by saying “no.” Now that your dog got down a few of the easy dog tricks for beginners, we can move onto more complicated and unique tricks to teach your dog! These may seem like they are just for fun, but training your dog is actually extremely important because well-behaved dogs are more likely to be welcomed in public places, and invited to family and friend’s homes.

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Unique Tricks to Teach Your Dog

Now, let’s get into some of the fun tricks!


While giving a kiss is a funny dog trick, some might still consider it an easy dog tricks for beginners. Others might think that teaching your dog to lick people in the face is a bad habit. However, for some dogs, teaching them to kiss on command can actually prevent unwanted licking. 

You can start by putting a dab of peanut butter on your cheek, and commanding your dog by saying “give a kiss,” or just “kiss.” 

Then lean forward close to your dog’s face, so he knows that the peanut butter is for him. When he licks your face, praise him by saying “good dog.”

You might need to practice a few times with the peanut butter, but your dog should be giving kisses on command in no time! 


For this trick, it is ideal to start with your dog sitting still. You can hold a treat over his head, and slowly move it in a large circle. He should follow the treat. 

If he follows your hand all the way around, praise him and give him the treat. You should practice this step until he follows it a few times. 

Once he starts following your hand in a full circle, begin using the command “spin around.” Once he does the spin successfully, you should try doing it without the treat. Next, you can have him spin twice before giving him the treat, and then increase to three spins.  

Play Dead 

This is one of the fun and unique tricks to teach your dog. It is a multi-step trick that will require your dog to already know how to get down on his belly. 

First, instruct your dog to get down. Once he is down, pet him and give him some belly rubs. Next, you roll your dog onto his side. Give him a treat and praise him, so that he relaxes. Once you get your dog to roll over, give him the command “stay,” and praise him if he follows the direction. 

After he gets these steps down, you can begin introducing the command “play dead.” Reward him when he follows the command.  Before you know it, your dog will be playing dead, and his funny dog tricks will be the center of attention at your next party. 

Don’t be intimidated by these slightly more advanced tricks—Your dog can learn any trick with enough practice! Hopefully, the easy dog tricks for beginners we introduced first will help you start training your dog. 

At the End of the Day… 

Playing with your dog is the fun part, but training can be difficult. Some dogs are naturally a little roudier, with the threat of an impending dog bite very real, even with training. 

However, even a well-behaved dog can accidentally damage your things. With a new and untrained puppy, you can take preventative measures to protect your home and car, before any damage happens. One of the challenges for pet owners is keeping your car clean and fresh. It is important to know what negative behaviors your dog might engage in that may cause damage, and then figure out a way to prevent the damage. If your dog loves to put his head out the window, it might be beneficial to invest in a car door protector to prevent him from scratching the side of your car. With your car protected from damage, you can focus on having fun with your pup!

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