How To Prevent Dog Scratches on Car Seats: Ultimate Guide

How To Prevent Dog Scratches on Car Seats: Ultimate Guide

 It's fun taking your furry friends along on car trips until they scratch the seats. Well, your dog may resort to scratching your car's interior for various reasons, including excitement, stress, anxiety, or curiosity. Since it's challenging to train your dog not to scratch, the best alternative is to protect the car seats from scratches.

Here are some essential ways of preventing dog scratches on car seats:

  • Use seat covers.
  • Keep your dog's nails well-trimmed or capped.
  • Secure your dog firmly on the seat.
  • Use a dog travel carrier.
  • Use a dog car booster seat.
  • Minimize car ride anxiety.
  • Use a leather protectant.
  • Dog scratches can be a nuisance, especially when your car's interior has luxurious seats. The rest of the article will discuss how to keep car seats scratch-free in great detail. So, let's dig in!

    1. Use Seat Covers

    Using seat covers is a great way to prevent your furry friend from scratching their car seats. Whether on the front or back seat, these covers create a barrier between the dog and the seat, keeping the car upholstery safe. And, they're available in different materials and designs to suit your needs and taste.

    Dog-specific seat covers are specially made to keep dirt, stains, and scratches at bay. So, most of them are made from tear and water-resistant materials.

    You'll find a wide array of removable seat covers, which include the following types:

    Hammock-Style Seat Covers

    The hammock-style seat covers protect a large area from the rear seat to the back of the front seat. They have straps and fasteners that secure them on the headrest and plastic anchors for stability. Hammocks are usually scratch-proof, providing a perfect protector for your car seats.  

    An ideal hammock-style seat cover for your car seat is the Plush Paws Premium Convertible Rear Pet Seat Cover. It comprises a detachable hammock that you can unfasten easily and store in your truck when not in use. It's made from heavy-duty quilted fabric and is tear-resistant and long-lasting.

    This Plush Paws hammock-style seat cover also has fitted side flaps for a perfect fit and Velcro seat belt access. Its soft texture and non-slip silicone backing will keep your dog comfortable and safe.

    Rear Seat Covers

    Rear seat covers are specifically designed for back seats. They perfectly fit on the rear seat, protecting it from your furry friend's claw marks. Also, most have strong headrest straps or fasteners to secure the seat covers in place.

    For instance, the Plush Paws Velvet Rear Pet Seat Cover provides ultimate protection from your dog's claws on the back seat. This luxury-grade seat cover comes in two sizes, depending on your car size. Also, it's made from high-quality velvet with cotton filling to provide a lush and comfortable surface.

    This top-notch seat cover is diamond-stitched and has reinforced pressure points, ensuring that it doesn't tear from dog scratches. Moreover, the sturdy headrest straps secure it well on the seat, while the convenient side release buckles make it easy to remove.

    Front Seat Covers

    If your dog loves riding in the front, front seat covers are the best choice. These seat covers are available in designs that perfectly fit on the front seat, so you won't have to worry about your furry friend ruining your elegant-looking co-driver seat.

    An ideal example is the Plush Paws Premium Bucket Car Seat Cover. This front seat cover is best-suited for the co-driver seat, as it has a stretchable skirt, allowing it to fit perfectly in a car, truck, or SUV.

    This seat cover comprises a heavy-duty quilted fabric reinforced with diamond stitching to protect the seat from dog scratches. Its non-slip silicone backing, plastic anchors, and silicone side pillows will protect your dog from unnecessary movements.

    Cargo Liners

    Cargo liners are a perfect option if you own an SUV and love having your dog in the back while driving. Quilted cargo liners (or covers) are made from scratch-proof and water-resistant material and protect the car interior from dog scratches.

    The Plush Paws Cargo Liner is a durable, scratch-proof, quilted cover that you can easily attach to the front or back seat using headrest buckles. It has YKK zippers for easy integration and length adjustment. The cover liner also features bumper and side panels to protect your dog's backside from dog scratches.

    2. Keep Your Dog’s Nails Well-Trimmed or Capped

    Apart from inventing ways to protect your car seats from dog scratches, you can also make your dog’s claws less dangerous for the seats. One of the best ways to keep the nails in good shape is clipping them. This should be part of your regular grooming routine.

    Trimming a dog's nails is not as tricky as some pet owners think. If you start clipping your puppy's nails at a young age, they'll be less anxious, making the experience hassle-free. So, you don't always have to seek the services of a professional groomer; you can clip your pet's nails at home.

    To trim your dog's nails, follow these steps:

    1. First, let your dog feel comfortable around the nail clippers for about a week. Let them sniff the clippers as you praise them and offer treats. 
    2. Then, try touching the claws with the nail clipper. Using this techni