Top 7 Smartphone Apps for Traveling Dog Lovers

Top 7 Smartphone Apps for Traveling Dog Lovers

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Part of the reason we want to bring our furry friend around when we travel is sharing the same thrill of the unknown with your pet that overall results in a wonderful experience to both of you. But out there the luxury of having everything right at your side becomes so limited. Health emergencies and unexpected natural disasters will be a lot harder when your miles away from home.

With that in mind, technologies can help with the struggles we have when we're traveling with our pets. Since most of us, dog owners can't leave without our phones, these apps will guide you along your journey. Whether traveling on the road, air, or sea, these smartphone apps will help make travel with your pet a lot easier.

Pet First Aid


Designed by the American Red Cross, this app is a must for every dog owner out there. The app contains step by step instructions and videos that can help you do first aid until you find a veterinarian. The app also helps you find the nearest veterinarian through the built-in hospital locator.



Can't find any pet-friendly hotel? Having a hard time looking for pet-friendly locations? You should have known by now that not all hotels and destinations are pet-friendly, so finding pet-friendly locations can be quite difficult especially when you're out on the road. This app helps you identify the best places for your pets whether events, restaurants, or even hotels.

The app can also ease up your research through reviews written by dog owners who use this app. This lets you make easier and informed decisions and reduces the chance of unpleasant confrontations or expensive fees.



Petcentric contains a comprehensive list of pet-friendly parks, hotels, bars, and restaurants. It uses your GPS to search for nearby facilities where you and your dog can go without any hassles. The app also lets you add your own entry, and read the latest pet news.

Paw Parks


Looking for a pet-friendly dog park? Paw Parks is an app that can help you find one. This app also lets you add dog parks too, so if you happen to find one and it isn't listed in the app feel free to add it.

Walk For a Dog


When you're traveling and exploring new locations you'll be walking a lot. You walk to the nearby attractions, stroll the streets or go on a hike with your pet. This app makes you walk a lot more fun and rewarding by turning those steps into dollars. When you use the app, the app tracks your walks. Then as you walk it is then converted into dollars that are automatically donated to the animal shelter or rescue organization of your choice. The more you walk, the more you donate. You can also enter your dog in the app and track their walking activity as well.



On the road and ran out of dog food? What's worst is that you can't find your pet's usual brand of dog food. Want to know if the leftover steak you just munched earlier is ok to feed to your pet? Then this app can help. The app contains a directory of the meats, produce, dairy and grains to see what food is ok to feed to your pet.



Out on the road and your pet suddenly gets sick. You don't have all your pet's medical records with you. Also, it's hard to remember all the allergy and medication especially when you are away from home. This app helps you with that by keeping a record of your pet's health and medication. It also offers tips, medication reminders, and a comprehensive vet finder.

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