The Best Car Accessories for Pets in 2021

The Best Car Accessories for Pets in 2021

Just like us, our furry companions also deserve a comfortable and safe car ride to and from their many destinations and adventure spots.

Check out our list of car accessories for pets that both your four-legged furry friends will love!

Plush Paws Car Seat Covers

Car seat covers are essential for any pet owner. Don’t just take our word for it, though; The Spruce Pets also seems to think so. Car seat covers and hammocks can keep your dog safe and comfortable while keeping their hair, mud, and other debris off your car seats. So, whether you’re just heading to the vet or you’re coming back from a muddy hike, you can trust that a Plush Paws car seat cover is the ideal way to keep your furry friend’s fur off your car.

Plush Paws Door Protectors

Covers for your vehicle’s doors are another great way to keep your pet safe. Not only will these plush protectors keep your dogs away from any levers and door handles, but they will also give them some comfortable padding if or when it’s needed. We know that when your pet is in the car, you take extra caution and care as you drive, but you can never be too safe, and these door protectors are the perfect addition to your collection.

Collapsible Dog Bowls

Your dog is your little buddy, so keeping them healthy should be one of your highest priorities. When they’re resting in a car during a long road trip, it may not be as apparent that they need a refresher and some water, but trust us, they are! That’s why collapsible dog bowls are the perfect car accessories for pets! With something that collapses, you can easily store them under a seat, in the glove compartment, or anywhere else you can think of!

Just as you do, your dog should have the freedom to walk around, stretch its legs, and take a bathroom break every two to four hours. That’s the perfect time to give them a water break on a long trip. Also, if you and your pup are adventure buddies, it’s essential that you keep a bowl for water nearby at all times. Keep it with you in your car now so that you can pack it with you on your hike later!

Pet First Aid Kit

Humans and our pets are more alike than we might know, and one common thing between the two of us is that our pets are just as likely prone to injury as we are. This is the reason why keeping a first aid kit near your pet is just as important as keeping one near you. You can choose to create one yourself to store in the car or pick one up online or at a pet store. Either way, here is a list of essentials you should keep in the first aid kit, according to the American Kennel Club:

●     Gauze
●     Non-Stick Bandages
●     Adhesive Tape
●     Cotton Balls
●     Hydrogen Peroxide
●     Antibiotic Spray/Ointment
●     Milk of Magnesia
●     Digital Thermometer
●     Medicine Pillbox
●     Scissors
●     Tweezers
●     Magnifying Glass
●     Syringes
●     Flashlight
●     Towel
●     Soft Muzzle
●     Backup Leash & Collar

Pet Hair Remover

Who said that the best car accessories for pets are only made for the pet’s benefit? Even with the best car seat covers, pet hair can circulate in the car and get in more places than you’d like, so keeping a pet hair remover handy might just be your saving grace for times when you’re in a pinch. Choose one that is specifically made for removing hair from the materials found in your car (like the seat upholstery and floor mats) to ensure that you’ll pick up every little piece of hair to get your vehicle looking new.

Another tip: You might also consider stashing a lint roller in the car for yourself to ensure there’s no pet hair on your clothes before you head into that important meeting!

Seat Belt Harness

We know that keeping your pup safe is a priority already, but keeping them safe when you get in the car is a whole new ballgame. If your dog often moves around in the car, making you nervous, a seat belt harness might just be the way to go!  These nifty dog gadgets are harnesses that wrap around your dog’s chest with a small leash that clicks into a seat belt buckle. There’s enough room on the lead for your pup to sit up and lay down and adjust to their comfortability level, but it will still keep them safe by limiting how far they can move. So whether you have to break in the event of an emergency or your pup just needs to get out their energy, your fluffy friend can stay safe in the backseat of your car!

Calming Treats

Is your dog a bit frantic or nervous during car rides? Or perhaps, do they love car rides so much that they get a little too excited for your comfort level? Or maybe on long car rides, they start feeling a bit anxious from sitting still for too long? Every dog owner might find that they relate to at least one of these situations; that’s why we suggest calming treats to help your pup relax. Keep a few treats in your car so that you’re prepared at all times, and so you can reward your furry friend for being such a perfect companion on those long rides to and from your destination.

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