Are Corgis Good With Kids?

Are Corgis Good With Kids?

If you’re on the hunt for a furry addition to your family, you might be wondering, are corgis good with kids? These energetic and intelligent pups are some of the most popular dogs for families. They show affection readily and are extremely lively. 

But for as great of a family dog as they are, having a corgi around small children could be more complicated than you might think. Here’s everything you need to know about having corgis in a home with kids.

Small Dogs With Big Personalities

Historically, corgis were herding dogs. They were bred to herd and drive cattle from their earliest existence and tended to nip at the cattle’s heels to drive them where they needed to go. 

Today, corgis still have a strong work ethic and a natural herding instinct. They can be fabulous family dogs, but often need proper training to calm their intensity.

These relatively small dogs are full of energy and zest for life, so it makes sense that their personalities fit well with children. Corgis are also highly intelligent and handle obedience training like the champs they are. Most corgis can be house trained successfully and can even learn tricks and other commands.

Difficulties of Corgis With Kids

For all the positives, there are some complex parts of having a corgi as a family pet. They are notoriously bossy and stubborn and won’t always do what you want just because you want them to. They also require a lot of attention. Without adequate mental stimulation, corgis can be destructive and bark excessively. 

They tend to be very vocal dogs, which can be difficult around babies and young children. A corgis loud bark may be triggered by the television, a ringing doorbell, or a car passing by your window. And if you’ve got a baby napping in the other room, the bark might just wake them from their slumber. 

When considering the questions “are corgis good with kids,” it’s important to remember their herding ancestors. Thanks to their heritage, corgis have been known to nip at the heels of the people around them. This can be problematic around small children, especially infants and toddlers. 

Children may behave similarly to cattle by darting around and running away from the pup, so the corgi’s herding instincts are bound to kick in at one point or another. And they herd by nipping. 

While this behavior is unlikely to cause serious harm, it’s certainly not something you want out of your family pet. It’s challenging to avoid herding behaviors altogether, but it can be helped by obedience training and socialization.  

Like most dogs, corgis don’t do well with having their tail pulled or being chased or squeezed. So if you have children under the age of five, they’ll need to have supervised playtime with your pup. 

But if you’re prepared to put in the proper training, a corgi might be the perfect family dog for you. They love to be the center of attention and will eat up all the playtime your kids are willing to offer. Corgis are extremely affectionate, and who wouldn’t love a tiny little ball of fluff following them around everywhere they go?

Corgis Have High Energy Levels

If you feel exhausted from chasing your kids around every day, why not get a corgi to do it for you? These loveable furballs might be short and stubby, but they have energy for days. They’re extremely active and they’ll never be the first to tire from a game of fetch. 

An hour of daily exercise is a must for these high-energy pups. They make ideal playmates for older children and with any luck, they’ll wear each other out while you watch from a cozy chair on the porch with a glass of lemonade in your hand. 

Corgis Are Kid-Sized

There’s nothing wrong with having a large dog around, but small children might feel threatened by a giant four-legged creature standing above them. Corgis are the perfect size for children, weighing in at around 22 to 30 pounds. 

Their small size means they’re less intimidating and less likely to knock a little one down while bounding through the house. That’s good news considering that they might pounce on you or your child at any given moment out of pure joy and excitement. 

Prepare Your Kids For a Corgi

If you choose to bring a corgi home as your new family pet, it’s a good idea to train your kids on how to interact with their new four-legged friend. In fact, we recommend training your kids before you even bring your pup home. 

If your kids are too rowdy when they first meet your corgi, things might not go well. Corgis can easily become anxious in stressful environments, so your kids should be prepared to remain calm as they welcome the newest member of your family.

Teach your children to be gentle with your pup at all times, even when they get excited and are playing. They’ll need to limit their yelling and screaming around the dog, especially when he is becoming acquainted with his new home. Loud noises can prompt barking and rough play, which you want to avoid.

You should also teach your children to leave your dog alone while they eat, since they may become aggressive if they fear their food is being interfered with. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t involve your kids in the daily feeding and care of your pup. 

Raising a dog can be an excellent experience for children to learn responsibility. Just teach them well and monitor them carefully in the early weeks and months of having your new addition in your home. 

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