Tips for Camping with Your Dog

Tips for Camping with Your Dog

The adventures of camping are only made more memorable by the presence of your dogs. There’s something gritty and real about camping and tenting up with dogs only intensifies that experience. If you’re camping with dogs, though, you’ll have some additional things to consider and you’ll need the right camping with dog gear.

Tips for Camping With Your Dog

Keep Them Healthy

Camping can be fun, but it can also be a stressful and anxious experience for your dog. You’re putting them in a new environment with a lot of stimulation, and while it’s a great way to give your dog the opportunity for mental exercises, it is sometimes exhausting for them as well. Giving them plenty of good, healthy habits in the weeks leading up to the trip will make sure that your canine friend maintains his wellness and makes the most of the camping experience. You can also keep your dog’s energy up with supplements to help reduce inflammation from any hiking you may do. 

Watch the Weather

The winter season can pose health concerns for your beautiful dog--and that’s when you’re not even out in the wilderness. Keep in mind that when you go out camping, the weather can dip through different extremes. If your dog experiences problems, you’re also a lot farther away from access to care.

This doesn’t mean that camping with your dog is inherently dangerous, just don’t test the weather! Cold and wet dogs can get sick more easily, and extreme conditions can really damage your dog’s health.

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Take the Right Gear

Camping with your dog requires an extra set of dog-specific gear. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming, but you do have to make a list and take the right stuff. Camping with an uneasy dog is no fun for anyone.

Know the Rules

While many campgrounds and trails are super pet-friendly, this is not always the case. Many sites and locations have area-specific rules — like requiring that your dog needs to be on the leash. Research whether or not the campground allows dogs and the rules for those dogs before packing up with your pup.

Bring a Lot of Water

Hydration is incredibly important for both humans and dogs. If it gets cold, you may forget to drink water even though you’re moving around more often. If you’re out in the heat, you’ll need even more water than normal. Altitude also affects the body, as it will be working overtime to keep things functioning, sp providing yourself (and your canine) with liquids is essential. You get the idea--water is vital.

For dogs especially, you’ll need extra. Don’t let your dog lap up water that is salty or standing. Having fresh water on hand for them will prevent them from getting super sick.

A Great Leash 

Yes, you absolutely need a leash. Even if your dog is really well trained, they can make other people uncomfortable by being unleashed. Additionally, depending on where you are heading, there could be wildlife that they could attack (or that attacks them). You will also need to make sure that they stay close to you at night for the same reasons.

Paw Protection

Keep in mind that your dog’s feet are probably more used to cement and carpet than the great outdoors. You’re probably taking shoes that are different than normal, but your canine doesn’t have this option! Bring a wax product that you can use to protect their paws from the harsher elements, like snow and gravel. You can also use dog booties to keep things cool on their feet when you’re walking on a surface that is hot.

First Aid

While it’s great to have some gear for yourself, you should also have some gear to help out your dog in the event that they suffer from an injury. There will be lots of running around and bounding over uneven terrain, so the risk of injury is higher for dogs out in the wilderness, especially if it is an environment that they are not u