Five Amazing Benefits of Having a Pet Seat Cover for Your Car

Five Amazing Benefits of Having a Pet Seat Cover for Your Car

As vehicle owners, we love to put our dogs at the back of our seats and take them out for a ride. It doesn't matter if it's a short trip to the grocery store, a ride at the park or even on a country trip. Regardless if your dog loves car rides or not, they're family! And that's the reason we have that satisfying feeling when our furry friends are with us all the time.

This makes it important to have a good seat cover for our cars because we can't tell our dog to be careful with our car seats. Trained or not, our dogs can leave a mess in our car seats that would either leave a permanent mark or will be costly to repair. Any dog owner can greatly benefit from using seat covers when their pets are riding along.

Dog seat cover reduces the amount of dog hair that gets into your car's seat

Dog hair will stick to your vehicle's floors, floor mats, and seats like a magnet. This means that you'll have to spend a lot of time scrubbing and vacuuming the seats to get these furs out.

Dog seat covers can save you a lot of time cleaning and have more time to spend with your family and your pet. We recommend hammock style pet seat covers as it helps to not get direct contact with the floors and the seat fabric. Plush Paws Products collection of hammock style pet seat covers are excellent for this job as all you have to do is wash the seat cover whenever it becomes too full of furs.

Seat covers prevent damage to your car's interior

Regardless if you have leather or cloth seats, these seats aren't designed to be scratch or worse, chewed. Getting the seats scratched or chewed on is unavoidable. Whether it's a food stuck on the side of the seat or your dog feeling anxious, your seats will take all the damage.

We all know how expensive to repair and re-upholster car seats. If you use a dog seat cover, you won't have to deal with this problem. Seat covers act as a barrier between the car seats, your flooring, and your dog. The durable materials used in seat covers withstand scratches and probably a bite or two. This makes it an excellent tool for car rides with your dog.

It prevents lingering stains odors and keeps your seat clean

As dog owners, we experience that lingering smell left by our dogs after a car ride. What's even worse is that the smell stays even after a thorough cleaning. Stains from your dog's drools, from their paws, and water accidents are unavoidable as well.

This is exactly the reason dog owners need pet seat covers are a must-have item. If your dog gets car sick and vomits or has a water accident, then you simply have to get remove the seat cover and clean it. You won't have to deal with the problems of permanent odors and constant scrubbing. Plush Paws Products pet seat covers are waterproof and machine-washable.

Car seat covers prevent your  dog from slipping and sliding around

Your dog sits at the back seat of the car and there's a good chance that your dog would slip and slide. This is true regardless if your dog is a small chihuahua or a big Mastiff this will definitely happen. Whether it's polyester or leather, the material of your car seat is simply not designed to keep your dog in place.

Plush Paws Products pet seat cover is designed to keep your dog in place. You don't have to worry about your dog's safety and comfort as the seat cover adheres to the car seat really well. Moreover, it comes equipped with dog harnesses that keep your dog in place without making them feel too restricted.

It offers more room than a crate

For most people, crate makes more a lot of sense than a pet seat cover. The advantage of crates is that it keeps your pet secure during rides and prevents your dog from making a mess. But there is definitely a downside to creates. The most obvious is it prevents your furry friend from stretching their legs in the car.

Car seat covers are an excellent option for giving your dog ample leg room. It also eliminates the possibility of your dog to become too restless particularly during long rides.

With the benefits mentioned above, it's easy to tell that pet car seat covers are an excellent addition to your car. But don't just settle for any pet seat cover. Plush paws products pets car seat cover has all the features a high- quality seat cover has like:

  • Non-slip backing the keeps the seat cover in place.
  • Comes with a set of free seat belts.
  • Padded and quilted for comfort and luxury.
  • Reinforced pressure points that contain heavy threading and added layer of fabric.
  • Made of Class A 600D PU Cotton/Polyester Oxford material.

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