Dog-Friendly Hotels

Dog-Friendly Hotels

Traveling with a dog can be a stressful process. You’ve got the car all prepped and your seat covers in place, but you need a place for you and your dog to sleep! While you may love your beautiful ball of energy with your entire heart, you also know that not everyone else does. While on the road or visiting a new destination, you’ll need some pet friendly hotel chains in your corner to help house you and your dog.

Below, we cover some of the pet friendly hotel chains and the ways that they make accommodations for your and your dog. Remember that “dog-friendly hotels” can only do so much to make the travel experience great for your dog, and the other part of the travel experience is on you! Make your dog’s stay in hotels more comfortable by planning well and traveling smart.

Prepping for Travel

Even the most dog-friendly hotel that you can find won’t be that dog-friendly for your canine friend if you don’t start the trip right. Dogs need a lot of tender love before and during road trips to have a happy experience. Avoid the common dog road-trip mistakes to keep your canine friend happy while you’re traveling.

Use some of the best on-the-go dog apps to keep connected and stay ahead of your dog’s needs. Make sure your dog gets plenty of sleep and rest before you leave, and allow plenty of stops and bathroom breaks along the way.

Traveling with a dog can be easier if you have more people with you, but if you’re going solo, try investing in a co-pilot bucket seat cover to keep your car clean and your dog comfortable. Before you ever arrive at the hotel or even get into the car, there are some steps you can take to prepare your dog for the long car trip. This will get you ahead of the curve!